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This is a little project I plan to keep updated here on this blog.

I am planning on taking 5$ and see what it can be turned into. I have, upon reflection, decided that my game’s biggest weakness is I need more discipline. This was the most interesting way I could come up with to work on that.

So I will start out with $5 currently on Bodog but that may change. I will keep this blog updated on my bankroll progression (or total destruction if the case may be) and post commentary on what I am seeing while working my way up. I will play No Limit Hold’em a large majority of the time, but may occasionally switch up and play some Pot Limit Hold’em.

As a rule I will not move up limits until I have 400x’s the big blind. So to make my next move to .10-.25 I would need to grow this $5 bankroll into $100. Some people will probably ask why such a high number (400)? Remember this experiment is all in an attempt to teach myself discipline and patience so I want to make sure I don’t move up too soon, I almost want to force myself to grind it out.

I am also considering putting a time restriction on my sessions as I would say that’s my second biggest hole in my game and that is I tend to fade my focus out after putting in a few hours. So I may do something like cap my sessions at 2 hours to make sure I am alert and focused each time. This experiment should be fun and I hope to in a years time be writing about how I turned nothing into a nice respectable poker bankroll.

Ok, so I dug around a bit and decided to register on Empire Poker.  Why?  Well if I only play 200 raked hands I get a free license for Poker Office and I wanted to try that out.  So I will start out on Empire Poker until I can clear that, and from there who knows where I will end up.