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Posted by baccaratguru at March 8, 2012

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I was recently watching a WPT final table on the television and here is one interesting hand I saw.

There was lots of room for players to manoeuvre with the blind structure and no one was so short-stacked as to not have a chance. With players starting with 10K initially, there was $7,840,000 in play and the blinds were rolled back to the start of Level 22, which is where they left off the previous night – blinds 20K/40K + 4K antes. Danny Chang – Tournament Coordinator, BC Lotteries, Phil Quelch, the Tournament Director and Daryl McCullough also inserted a new Level 23 of 25K/50K + 5K antes to give some more play to the final table.

One of the greatest assets of River Rock tournament staff is their knowledge and control of these expansive events. The only legitimate concern expressed from the players was about the $4,000 in starting chips for each of the $1,000 events and some issues raised about rule adjustments, but like any player concerns, they are quickly addressed and improved for future events.

As Daryl said, “My job is to do the handshake at the end and steal the microphone sometimes and handle any problems.” Much too modest as always; more importantly, he noted, “I want to find out what the players are looking for and find out how to meet those demands.”

The first casualty occurred at Hand #13 with Michael Sun being first into the pot, risking his chips all-in with a legitimate A♥10♠. Bad timing though and he hit a brick wall with Greg’s A♣A⋄. No help from the board and the BC young gun took home $40,000. On the very next hand Lazaros pushes all-in on the button with 8♣9♣ for a semi-steal. The brick wall was still there with Greg’s A♥K⋄ – an easy call for the 32-year-old, who has been playing poker for half his life. The 5♣ 6⋄ K♥ on the flop spiked top pair. The 4♣ on the turn offered hope of a club draw, but the 10♠ on the river helped Greg accumulate even more chips.