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Posted by baccaratguru at November 11, 2012

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It has become much harder to earn a living by playing internet poker over the last few years – FACT!

As more and more players learn the rules, read strategy articles and books, join poker training sites etc, the game has gotten much tougher. Every the low-limit grinder has dreams of earning a living by playing internet poker in the comfort of their own home, but not many succeed.

To be successful, you must have an edge over your opponents, and that is exactly what poker tools provide – an edge.

They can be a vital part of your online success and can help you build your bankroll to unthinkable amounts. You can be certain your opponents are using the latest poker tools, so if you aren’t, then you are already at a disadvantage!

Below you can read reviews of the very best internet poker tools which will help you have success and earn those big wins you desire.

Featured Internet Poker Tool: Tournament Shark

Tournament Shark is an essential poker tool for any poker players who want to take their game seriously. If you are a regular MTT (Multi-table tournament) or STT (Single-table Tournament/SNG) player then Tournament Shark is a must-have poker tool.

It is compatible with all the major internet poker rooms, and supports 250+ rooms. Once opened, the software attaches to your table and instantly gives you statistics and information on your opponents to help you make decisions against them.

As you will know, in MTT’s you will come across lots of players being re-seated and instead of watching them play to pick up reads, you just have to look at the Tournament Shark HUD to see if they are successful players or not.

Other noteworthy poker aids are Sit and Go Shark, Calculatem Pro (discontinued), Holdem Genius Review and Tournament Shark. Pokeredge is an interesting tool that provides a so-called poker hud, that shows critical statistics of your opponents on your screen as you play.