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In February, Singapore’s first land-based casino opened as part of a campaign of tourism development. But the wealthy city-state does not pretend to compete with the lavish Las Vegas or Macau. As a new comer as a gambling destination, Singapore hopes to attract a wider base of visitors but knows that the leadership of Macau in Asia is not for the taking.

Resorts World Sentosa, owned by the Malaysian gaming company Genting, will also be the first Universal Studios theme park. The second complex, Marina Bay Sands, is nearing completion and will soon open its doors. The property belongs to the company Las Vegas Sands.

Authorities hope the casinos will help Singapore achieve its goal of 17 million visitors annually, with a target of $ 21 billion revenue by 2015, boosting the service sector and reducing the role of manufacturing in the economy.

The number of visitors fell to 9.7 million in 2009, down 4.3% from 2008. But the last quarter of 2009 brought a slight improvement and it is hoped that this will be the same with 2010 figures. As the global recession ends and Asia is booming again, a bright future is expected for tourism in the Orient as the purchasing power of the middle class increases steadily.

Tourists usually come to Singapore for a stopover before going to other Asian destinations, as the island city-state is a major hub for flying routes. With casinos, the authorities hope that visitors will stay a little longer on the island.

Resorts World Sentosa is a destination for families, while Marina Bay Sands is a large complex catering to business travelers. Singapore has given the green light to casino gambling in 2005, triggering a wave of investment that has continued despite the economic downturn. The construction of these two casinos will cost over 10 billion dollars.

Unlike its larger neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia, the highly urbanized Singapore has no large natural destinations to offer and attract tourists with wildlife parks and malls. In particular its bird sanctuary is one if the largest in the world and is the habitat for hundreds of birds species. But the new casinos should add to the mix of attractions in the City.