Ok we love online poker and we talked about it and why we love playing poker
on the Web. You can check our pages about Texas Hold’em poker and our reviews.

The thing is that we got a lot of inspiration and motivation to get better players
thanks to one of our idol Patrik Antonius. Patrik is a superstar of the game of poker,
both in live settings and at online poker. So here is a little bit of history about Patrik and the game of poker.

First let us be clear. As we said at other pages our favorite online poker room is Party Poker. But Patrik Antonius is a member of the exclusive team at Full Tilt Poker. No big deal, we play there occasionally as well, as this is a great place for poker as well.

Antonius was born and raised in Finland. As a teenager, his goal was to become a professional tennis player before turning his attention to poker. Antonius burst onto the international poker scene in 2005 when he finished six times in the top 15 at major tournament events that year. This included a third place at the EPT Barcelona, a second place in the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic and two wins, the Championship of Scandinavia and the EPT Baden Classic.

Antonius gains amounted to 1.7 million in 2005. That same year he was named “Best Hope 2005″ at the European Poker Awards. Antonius became the 14th member of Team Full Tilt, the first player to be added individually since Allen Cunningham in October 2006. The other member of the Team are Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, John Juanda, Jennifer Harman, Phil Gordon, Erick Lindgren, Erik Seidel, Andy Bloch, Mike Matusow, Gus Hansen, Allen Cunningham and Tom “durrrr” Dwan. A great bunch
of poker friends.

Microgaming – one of the best and largest online casino software developers is keeping releasing completely new games on the monthly basis, following their “New Games Rollout” campaign. It is probably the most efficient and productive software developer these days. Also May is not different from other months in this case, the new Isle of Man-based online games have been announced today. You may wonder at which point Microgaming will run out of ideas for their new online casino games, well it looks like they still have plenty of ideas for great games.

The recent release of Microgaming’s online casino games is exactly just in time with upcoming Halloween holiday. The ‘Johnny Specter’ video slot game invokes ghosts to speak. The classic 80’s movie ‘Ghost Busters’ is a well-know hit of past years, and after all sorts of merchandise and media, including a cartoon and television series, ‘Johnny Specter’ will be remembered and bring out some memories of old, great movie like ‘Ghost Busters’. By bringing the features of an expanding wild, free spins and bonus game multipliers it has become a classic American / Australian video slot combined together.

The next release, very similar however a little bit less scary than ‘Johnny Specter’ is the ‘Bob’s Bowling Bonanza’ video slot. This game also offers a wild, scatter, bonus game and a unique gamble feature of five reels and thirty pay-lines of fast-paced bowling action. The new feature is that whenever the Strike symbol shows up on 1, 3 or 5, then the reels will change into virtual bowling lanes. If strike is bowled it offers a 20x winnings bonus. Another feature gives players the possibility to double or quadruple their winnings.

‘Spike’s Nite Out’ is the last of the new video slot games which have been launched this month. This one is designed especially for dog lovers and offers fifteen pay-lines which cover five reels of canine inspired symbols. There players also find a wild, scatter and bonus offers, available also for low-rollers. You could play any coin between $0.01 and $0.20 and the most you can bet at once to cover all pay-lines is $30. In comparison to video slots of over $100 stakes, this one is pretty easy on the bankroll and could be very interesting not just for beginners.

Also the Microgaming’s Gold Series receives some of the new additions. This month it is ‘Multi-Hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack’ which get the ‘gold”’status. The standard game of European Blackjack has been enhanced with a chance to make side bets on a ‘Perfect Pair’, ‘Colored Pair’ or even ‘Mixed Pair’, which is surely going to interest online blackjack players.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA in short, is the law governing online gambling in the United States. Hastily passed by Congress in 2006, this law will take effect in 2009.

This is one of the most unclear laws that we are aware of. It seem no one understands this law, except maybe some obscure Law Professors in arcane University libraries. For example some online poker rooms have decided to withdraw from the American market such as Party Poker, while others have not, such as PokerStars, which has not suffered (yet) from doing so.

This law does not make it illegal to gamble online, but it prohibits financial institutions to send money to online gambling websites. If so, why did some poker sites leave, while other remained? So it seems that all the burden for implementing this law is on the banks, which are reluctant to act as the police for online gambling.

In addition, it is far from clear what online gambling is. The law does not specify nor does it give a list of the companies conducting it, so that the burden would be even heavier on the shoulders of the banks if they are the ones supposed to determine which online company is offering online gambling, and which is not.

Gambling legality is a state not a federal issue, making this even more complicated. For example in Hawaii and Utah, gambling is illegal, whereas in California poker is legal as it has been declared a game of skill, hence not a game of chance.

The new president Obama is a poker player himself and it is expected that UIGEA will never see the light, as it was part of the “midnight drop”, a term depicting controversial laws passed by an outgoing administration.

This is a little project I plan to keep updated here on this blog.

I am planning on taking 5$ and see what it can be turned into. I have, upon reflection, decided that my game’s biggest weakness is I need more discipline. This was the most interesting way I could come up with to work on that.

So I will start out with $5 currently on Bodog but that may change. I will keep this blog updated on my bankroll progression (or total destruction if the case may be) and post commentary on what I am seeing while working my way up. I will play No Limit Hold’em a large majority of the time, but may occasionally switch up and play some Pot Limit Hold’em.

As a rule I will not move up limits until I have 400x’s the big blind. So to make my next move to .10-.25 I would need to grow this $5 bankroll into $100. Some people will probably ask why such a high number (400)? Remember this experiment is all in an attempt to teach myself discipline and patience so I want to make sure I don’t move up too soon, I almost want to force myself to grind it out.

I am also considering putting a time restriction on my sessions as I would say that’s my second biggest hole in my game and that is I tend to fade my focus out after putting in a few hours. So I may do something like cap my sessions at 2 hours to make sure I am alert and focused each time. This experiment should be fun and I hope to in a years time be writing about how I turned nothing into a nice respectable poker bankroll.

Ok, so I dug around a bit and decided to register on Empire Poker.  Why?  Well if I only play 200 raked hands I get a free license for Poker Office and I wanted to try that out.  So I will start out on Empire Poker until I can clear that, and from there who knows where I will end up.

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Me my sister love to play online poker, can you believe it?

The first contact with the online poker was a shock to my sister. The possibility of
earning money while having fun and most importantly, at home, had never crossed her mind.

A whole new world opened to her, but probably not as easy as she had first imagined.
Here’s a quick summary of her path, that will better define her character. And if you can get some advice from this story, then our contract is completed, as this blog is about sharing our experience.

Like any good soldier, she spent hours watching the WPT, listening to the advice of television commentators as if it was her own life at stake. She played mostly the poker variation called Texas Holdem Poker. The sums involved made her drool, and like many people interested in gambling, she wanted to be part of the dance. Yes despite her young age, she fell in love with online poker.

Unfortunately for her, the transition from NL10 to the WPT main event at the Borgata Monaco does not occur overnight. The learning is pain, loneliness and especially a tedious step by step progress.

Poker is no exception to the rule, like any art, mastery is acquired through experience.
If we had any advice to give to a beginner, it goes like this: progress step by step, bankroll management is the cornerstone of your poker skill building, do not exert yourself in a spot where you will play over your means and last but not least, be patient. The great poker players have tremendous patience.

Patience is probably the most important quality in poker for many reasons, one of which is that it helps you avoid going on tilt when a series of bad cards hurt you.

Each large loss in bankroll occurred because we wanted to rebuild it at an upper limit, under a slight tilt to make it worse. This approach is not the basis of a solid poker, because you can catch up your losses once in three times, but for the rest it is the atm.
Believe in someone who had this experience several times, it feels lousy when we lost everything. Because it puts you in the face of reality: mathematically, you are a fish.
And even if these are mistakes that we learn from, this is a very costly learning lesson. There are only a few poker stars, and many fish.

Nothing is more important than the love of the game. One need to learn how to put aside the sums involved and not consider a sum gained until it is warm in your bank account. Your bankroll is a capital investment that can grow based on your performance and decrease following your setbacks.

We must accept that we are at the mercy of chance. There are things that we cannot master in poker, which are delivered by the hands of Dame Fortune, but surely this game can be so addictive. So always exert extreme caution when playing online poker. Be careful and bet small amounts of money.