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This is a post by my friend Jim Friess who loves online poker.

I only play limit hold’em at full or nearly full tables, and only one table at a time. I don’t multi-table. About 25 months ago, I received a free $10 from one of the poker sites and started on that at .05/.10 limit. My first goal was to win 300 big bets of the level I was playing at, which is $30 (300 times .10).

I would now have $40 as a cushion to fall back on. Then my next goal was to earn 300 big bets of the next level, which was .10/.20. That meant I needed to earn an additional $60. When I earned the additional $60, I would move up to the .10/.20 level. My plan was to keep moving up in levels when I made 300 big bets of the next level, .50/1.00, etc..

If I moved up to the next level and lost the 300 big bets, then I would move back down to the lower level and start again from the lower level, and try to earn the 300 big bets again to move up. I started this plan in two poker sites, which I call the tough site and the loose site. I alternate playing at the two sites. My goal is to move as high as I can in the limits at both sites.

Yesterday I went on a small downswing primarily caused by my flopping a set at the same time my only opponent in the big blind flopped a straight. To add insult to injury, he also got a flush on the turn. I lost a bunch of money on that hand when he check raised me on the turn. I was down about $44 dollars for the day after being up $88, a $132 downswing. Basically the flops were missing me and the few good hands I had weren’t holding up.

I had trip aces and lost to a full house. I had to get off the table I was losing at because everyone left. My luck started to turn around on a new table, although I still got a couple of bad beats including a making a straight on the river and losing to a higher straight, and flopping trip 9s and losing to a straight made on the turn. But for some reason now I was also getting good cards on the turn and river when I wasn’t before.

In one hand I made a straight on the river. In another I flopped a pair of jacks and got two pair on the turn to win. And in another hand I made another straight on the turn to win. I also got pocket AA 3 times in a short period of time and won all three hands, although one hand was a very small pot.

And in my biggest pot of the night I flopped a set of sixes to win a $71 pot. I ended up $75 after being down $44, a swing of $119, and decided to quit for the night. Sets flopped were 4 out of 17, above average. Flush draws made were 3 for 5 1/2 above average. Bluffs were 8 successful and 2 unsuccessful, one of my best records for this category.