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Posted by baccaratguru at September 19, 2014

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Currently every country in the world has its own way of dealing with online poker and online gambling. For example in China or Turkey, it is simply forbidden. At the other end of the spectrum of online gambling laws there are such countries as England which has always tolerated such activity and has one of the most favorable gambling legal system for online operators.

Then take a country like France. Irritated by the progression of online casinos in everyone’s daily life they designed a new revamped online gambling law last year. Online poker rooms are allowed to operate as long as they have obtained a proper license to do so. The leading poker room in the country of cheese is pokerstars and you can benefit from their latest promotions with the code marketing pokerstars 2014. But online casinos are not allowed as well as most sports betting.

Now take the largest market for gambling, in other words the United States. It used to be also the largest market for online poker, but thanks to the concerted action of the FBI and Department of Justice, it is now nearly impossible to play online poker in the USA. Using an incomplete  and inadequate law that restricts financial transactions by online gaming operators, they have indicted and shut down the major poker rooms. Ironically no law makes playing online poker or online blackjack illegal, it is perfectly legal to play.

And then most developed countries are also working on their own online gaming laws, and be assured that every one of them will be as different as it gets. The motivations are many fold. On one hand some savvy politicians want to regulate the games so they can tax them. On the other hand some bigots wants to forbid entire countries to have a little of fun betting on the Internet.

Most developing countries do not have or are not working on any online gambling law as they have more pressing issues to address. Nice exotic countries like Panama, Costa Rica or some Caribbean Islands welcome online gaming and some even regulate and license some of the offshore players. I think I should visit such places as soon as possible, sun, beaches and freedom to play, this is what I need.