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Posted by baccaratguru at December 22, 2009

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I am a stay at home dad to Anna, a gregarious 10 month old little girl that is the star of the show. I have had many jobs over the years, including short-order cook, butcher, and attorney. Raising Emma is the best job that I have ever had. My wife, Anna’s mom, is a wonderful woman, supportive, and doesn’t even get too upset when I check raise her with the nuts on our anniversary at the El Dorado poker room. And she went to San Diego State, not UCSD.

I have been playing poker since I learned how to play 5 card draw when I was 3 years old. I started playing in brick and mortar casinos in 1990, when most games in northern California were spread limit 7 card stud. I played off and on until 2004, when I began playing at Party Poker on a semi-regular basis.

I focused on limit holdem, because it seemed to be what most other people were playing. I had played a few times when I could not find a 7CS game in the casino, but I had little understanding of the game. I quickly lost my first 200 buy-in at $2-4, but I had a job and re-depositing was not a real concern. I repeated this several times before I went out and bought a book to learn how to play. I read Sklansky’s Theory of Poker, and realized just how much I had to learn. I went back to Borders bookstore and spent $200 buying most of the strategy books related to limit holdem. I read them all before venturing back to the tables.

I bought back in to Party Poker, and good things started to happen. I ran my bankroll up from 200 to over $5,000, mostly by placing 3rd at a 10+1 MTT with 2300 people and by being at the table when a bad beat jackpot was hit. I cashed out $4,000 and have been playing on the remainder since, which is a good thing since I quit working to raise my daughter – if I lose the bankroll now, my poker playing days are over for the foreseeable future.

So let’ see how it goes. What is important in online poker is patience and discipline, and I think I finally got these two right.

This is a little project I plan to keep updated here on this blog.

I am planning on taking 5$ and see what it can be turned into. I have, upon reflection, decided that my game’s biggest weakness is I need more discipline. This was the most interesting way I could come up with to work on that.

So I will start out with $5 currently on Bodog but that may change. I will keep this blog updated on my bankroll progression (or total destruction if the case may be) and post commentary on what I am seeing while working my way up. I will play No Limit Hold’em a large majority of the time, but may occasionally switch up and play some Pot Limit Hold’em.

As a rule I will not move up limits until I have 400x’s the big blind. So to make my next move to .10-.25 I would need to grow this $5 bankroll into $100. Some people will probably ask why such a high number (400)? Remember this experiment is all in an attempt to teach myself discipline and patience so I want to make sure I don’t move up too soon, I almost want to force myself to grind it out.

I am also considering putting a time restriction on my sessions as I would say that’s my second biggest hole in my game and that is I tend to fade my focus out after putting in a few hours. So I may do something like cap my sessions at 2 hours to make sure I am alert and focused each time. This experiment should be fun and I hope to in a years time be writing about how I turned nothing into a nice respectable poker bankroll.

Ok, so I dug around a bit and decided to register on Empire Poker.  Why?  Well if I only play 200 raked hands I get a free license for Poker Office and I wanted to try that out.  So I will start out on Empire Poker until I can clear that, and from there who knows where I will end up.