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Okay, lets go over what is important about the majority of our opponents at the micro or low-stakes no limit Texas Hold’em games on the Web, and figure out the proper stake stereotype. In other words the best approach to handle these bad players that you do not have the time to profile as they change table all the time.

First, we know it’s a loose game as it is a low limit game and a lot of  the players see the flop. We also know that they will invest too much money on their losing hands. We know they are unbluffable, i.e. it is very hard to make them fold any hand. We know they will play weak hands.

We certainly know that they will play unpredictably, and because of this, they will be harder to put on a hand. We know that because there are so many players to the flop, that it is more likely that someone will flop a big hand. Whether in fun, or because they don’t know any better, we know that many of these players are willing to gamble. In a way it is good news because without online poker players willing to gamble, it would be much harder to make money playing this game on the Internet.

We know that they don’t understand your moves, your good moves are wasted on those who cannot see them. Wow, sounds like a minefield doesn’t it? It is a minefield and you already knew that. But let’s not get carried away, these games are obviously easy to beat compared to the high stakes tables.

The idea of this article wasn’t to tell you what you already knew. No. It was for the sake of making it conscious to you.  Now, when you sit and play, you can take with you the understanding of what an uphill battle you are fighting. Hopefully you will sit down with a frame of mind understanding that you cannot understand much of what is going on. But you can still beating these games by being patient and catching good situations with positive expected value.